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Industrial Waste Management

At PEGG industrial, we understand that your construction project is a hundred different things going
on at the same time, all of which are generating wastes in one form or the other. We make it our
business to manage all those construction wastes so that your operations can go on promptly and you
create a safe working environment for your workforce.
We believe that construction waste management is as important for your site’s performance and
regulatory compliance as it is for achieving sustainability and green transformation. These are two things
both we and our customers value greatly.
Hence, through an experienced team of experts, we work closely with our customers as partners to
achieve improvement in waste management practices through constant innovation.

What is Industrial Waste?

Any unwanted substance produced by the processes and activities involved in the operation of an industry are known as industrial waste. Industries and factories produce a variety of different wastes like toxic waste, chemicals, solid waste, radioactive waste, metals, fuel, lubricants, plastics, batteries, containers, etc.

The proper management of all these industrial waste comes with several challenges because each type of waste needs to be treated and disposed differently. For example, the radio-active, chemical, poisonous and toxic wastes are to be handled by expert waste managers only to ensure regulatory compliance and the health of personnel and environment.  The ordinary plastic, solid and liquid waste is equally important to be managed in a systemic way because it has a direct impact on the performance and cost-optimization of your industry. 

This is where PEGG comes in; with proven experience and expertise with working with all types of wastes and their effective and efficient disposal.  Using the power of knowledge, dedication and innovation, we focus on process improvement and create an ideal industrial waste management system tailored to your industrial operations.


If you are a commercial industry that produces different types of waste in a regular basis, the waste will only do harm to the efficiency of your business if not handled properly. As a nationwide waste management service provider with years of experience working with different typed of industries, we understand the products and materials you use and the waste you generate. More importantly, we have innovative, scientific and affordable processes and technology of handling your waste to benefit your business ecosystem as well as the natural ecosystem.

To do so, we offer:

  • Identification of the amount and types of waste your industry produces.
  • Development of a proper waste management plan accordingly.
  • Separate storage units to store the different types of waste you produce.
  • Sorting and labeling of wastes to be disposed differently.
  • Timely and hassle-free collection of waste to the individual needs of your industry.
  • Recycling and re-using of your industrial wastes.
  • Minimization of the waste volume to be disposed in landfills, cutting your landfill taxes
  •  Safe disposal of the hazardous and all other types of waste, in full compliance with environmental regulations.
  • Full Transparency in the process of waste management and cost optimization through effective reporting and traceability of processes.
Collection Containers
Tons of Waste Recycled
Trees Saved Yearly


Cost Optimization

By reducing the amount of waste generated  and through recycling and reusing of your industrial waste, you will have more cost-effective industrial operation. Also reduction in fees and taxes will save you from significant spending.

Achieve Environment Compliance

With the rise  in environment  concerns stemming from industrial processes, it is mandatory for any industry to manage their waste responsible to contribute for the environment as well as to achieve compliance and good reputation.

Improve Production

Industrial waste have always been a hindrance in your industrial production. But with our innovate and improved waste management processes, they can be a means of increasing your production.

At PEGG, we work closely with our customers and develop an improved process of managing your waste, no matter the size and type of your industry. To learn more about how your industry can benefit from PEGG’s industrial waste management services, contact us through email, phone or via our contact form.

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