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Waste Management for Businesses

If you are a business struggling with the proper management of your business waste, PEGG has an exceptional service of taking care of your waste in a way that adds value to your business.  

  No matter how big or small, every business has to deal with the issue of safe and responsible disposal of its waste. With the ever increasing need of making businesses waste efficient and in today’s stringent legal requirements, business waste management is a concern that every business needs to take seriously. 

 We offer a nation-wide total waste management solution including waste collection, waste treatment and waste disposal, managed by a team of experts with great communication and customer service to meet your business needs, and most importantly at a competitive price. 

What is Business Waste?

Any material that is generated from any form of business is known as a business waste. Depending on the type of business you have, business waste can be anything from paper waste, chemical waste, food waste, clinical waste, solid waste, hazardous waste, glasses, electronics, minerals, etc.

PEGG: The one Solution to all your Business Wastes

  If there is anything worse than having to deal with wastes from your business, it is – having to deal with all the different types of wastes separately through different service providers. As a business owner, need to focus mainly on running on your business and spend the least amount of time managing your waste. 

  We at PEGG understand that. This is why we are a company that provides a complete solution to all your business waste management requirements. 

PEGG Solutions

  • Dedicated Waste Bins for your business wastes: With dedicated waste bins for the different types of wastes that your business produces, combined with a responsive customer support service, you will have all of your on-site wastes properly stored and sorted until they are collected. 
  • Timely Waste Collections: With a fleet of advanced vehicles and experienced staffs, we won’t miss a date of collecting your regular wastes from the business. You can also schedule your waste collections based on your business requirements.
  • Waste processing for smaller ecological footprint: At PEGG, we make it our mission to process as much waste as possible for recycle and reuse. This helps reduce the amount of waste going on our landfills, leaving you with a smaller ecological footprint for your business. 

Supporting Services: In today’s time, you want a service that not only collects and disposes your waste but someone who can help you track your activities, assess and audit your environmental performance and help you make better decisions. PEGG provides all these services with a team of specialized experts with years of experience helping business grow.

With PEGG, all your business wastes and your waste management concerns will be in safe hands, because wastes are meant to be treated safely. Get in touch with us today to stop worrying about your business wastes.

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